• Personalised Snuggle Sac - Pink Butterfly

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    This snuggle sac sleeping bag is made for girls its coloured pink and made from fleece with a extra thick pile for softness and warmth, the inside is made from cotton and features a pink rose pattern. The snuggle sac has appliqu├ęd butterflies on the front which is when the butterflies are made of a separate fabric and stitched onto the snuggle sac so you can feel the different fabric as you run your fingers over the pink butterflies.

    You can have your child's name embroidered onto the front of the snuggle sac if you wish and your child's favourite pillow fits inside a pink pocket at the top of the snuggle sac so their pillow is always with their snuggle sac. The snuggle sac comes with a tote bag for carrying to their friends house for a sleepover.