• Red Personalised Snuggle Sac - Single

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    A bright red coloured snuggle sac sleeping bag for boys and girls, the snuggle sac has a fleece lining that's soft and warm and the inner lining is made form cotton, the snuggle sac is machine washable and there's a white polka dot design on the red fleece. There's a pocket at the top of the snuggle sac which your child's pillow fits inside so your pillow will always be together with the snuggle sac and not get dirty because its inside its own pocket.

    Threes a zip on the side of the sleeping bag to make getting in and out of the sleeping bag easier and the snuggle sac comes with its own tote bag that the sleeping bag rolls up into so its easy to carry to a friends house for a sleepover and easy to store at home.